Cheshire is a cat spirit who promotes insanity whenever and wherever possible.


The only confirmed fact is Cheshire's influence on poor old Mr. Lewis Carroll...Everyone has their secrets don't they?


Cheshire is small, but lithe and skinny. His hair is black and his skin is pale, but his eyes are a brilliant snow white. He has a pair of cat ears and a tail. When he smiles, it is clearly fake, and at the same time unsettling. He wears a white jacket with multiple strips of white cloth hanging off of it. He has no shoes, and his pants are white satin.


Cheshire has the ability to take any character out of their story, and then twist them into a form that he desires.  Afterward Cheshire has the ability to manipulate this marionette's movements and even cause them to speak. If anyone get's too close to the real Cheshire, they will begin to experience paranoia and unrest, until they s l o w l y go insane. He can also change his age, but prefers to appear to be 9 years old.

Characters that have been TaintedEdit

  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Alice
  • Captain Ahab
  • Don Quixote
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • The Jabberwocky
  • Humpty Dumpty


Alice - Although they both appear to be nine years old, Alice and Cheshire are a happy couple. She gives Cheshire the courage and confidence that he needs in hard times, and in return Cheshire gives her happiness. They are truly in love, and would never betray each other.