"Yes, we're stubborn, hardworking, daredevils. It comes with the job." The relatives of North were a group of people that were related to Nicholas St North.


All relatives of North were descended from his sister Odelle and his cousins Nikaas and Winter. The St Norths from Odelle, the Sinclaires from Winter, and the San Nikaas from Nikaas.


Nichol San Nikaas

Nikaas St North

Nathan Sinclaire

Norman Sinclaire

Clara St North

Liam San Nikaas

Nole Sinclaire

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The relatives of North were all stronger than the average person, and extremely creative. They also were good with horses and other animals.


The three families shared many similar traits with one another. The Sinclaires all had auburn hair, the San Nikaas had black, and the St Norths all had either black or dark brown. Their skin colors varied depending on where they lived. Almost all the males had some sort of facial hair.